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The WildVien

A mix of savage terrain known collectively by the civilized inhabits that border this land as the Wildvien. A wilderness of deep, treacherous swamps, endless oceans of Blackwoods, dusty stepped plains and deserts in the south all bordered by an ancient shattered mountain range of high broken peaks perpetually laden with snow.

In the north great blackwoods form an endless forest thinning southward until relinquishing into light woodlands and finally the plains and fields of the Hearthlands until the land begins to rise into the Splintered Highlands.
To the west the creeks and rivers gradually flow, almost unnaturally drawn into the great Mire.



The only relatively safe place for the civilized near the Wildvien, though not technically in it. The Hearthlands encompass the town of Stonehearth and its surrounding agriculture and industry. As little as there is, the people subsist mainly as a way station for the nearby trade route that goes to great length to avoid the Wildvien.

Towns folk supply wood for fire and repairs, game, furs and other wild harvest materials and foodstuffs. The few creeks that culminate here deposit what little soil they gather into the low depression the town is built in then continue onward into the Mirelands.
Though at first glance a relatively moist and lush land, the very soil itself seems to resist cultivation by domestic crops brought in by the first settlers decades ago. Experiments have been done, with some success, to ship in dirt for cultivation.

Blackwood Weald


In the north, stretching unto the horizon until lost in the clouds, the Blackwoods quietly grow.



A few weeks south, the Hearthland begins to dry and give way to fractured scrub land punctuated by island meadows fed by natural springs hidden amongst the rock outcroppings and meandering creeks.

Splintered Highland


Continuing south, the creeks and rivers having turned west long ago by this time, the ground becomes further parched and rises into windswept steppes and further up still to desert and mountains.

The Mire


Heading west, along with nearly all water in the area, are the great swamps and bogs known collectively as The Mire.

The Scar




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